Pretty Woman Looking To Beef Up Her ‘Supa Booty’ Gets Denied Surgery

Pretty Woman Looking To Beef Up Her ‘Supa Booty’ Gets Denied Surgery

A woman who had 2100 cc’s of fat injected into each of her buttocks has gotten denied surgery after doctors warned her that she could die if she had any more fat added to her already ample backside.

Patricia Washington, who is a steel mill worker by day and a DJ and model by night, consulted with surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow about her ‘supa booty’ on Wednesday night’s episode of the E! reality series Botched — but she didn’t get the news that she was hoping for.

When doctors met with Patricia’s alter-ego ‘Supa Woman,’ she explained that she wasn’t happy with the flat areas that have developed on her backside over time. However, there was nothing that the doctors could really do to help her without putting her life in danger.

Patricia works 16-hour days at a steel mill in Detroit, Michigan, and she explained that being one of the only females in a male-dominated industry made her see herself as somewhat of a superhero.

‘Being the only female being able to do what I do, that is where superwoman initially started,’ she said her desire to get surgery. ‘It brought me up to transform myself into this superhero type person.’

‘So you had liposuction and fat transfer grafting into the buttock area? A Brazilian butt lift,’ Dr. Dubrow said, and Patricia explained that the had 1200 cc’s put into each buttock.

During a second surgery, the same doctor added another 900 cc’s in each cheek, totaling 2100 cc’s in each of her buttocks.

‘She stops traffic baby,’ Patricia said of her booty, ‘But I’m unhappy with the shape of my butt. It has a flat surface and I hate it.’

Although she was happy with the size, she hoped the doctors could fix the flatness she was struggling with by adding more fat to her bottom to fill it out.

When Dr. Dubrow examined Patricia, he said he wasn’t able to fix the problem because adding any more fat to her body could have some serious health risks.

‘As you put more and more fat in there, it’s being displayed into areas it can go to, which is the arteries and veins,’ he explained. ‘These veins are connected to the main veins which lead to the lung.

‘If you get fat that goes over to the lung and blocks it off, you don’t get a little short of breath, you die.’

Despite the disappointment, Patricia was happy that Dr. Dubrow was honest with her about the realities of her situation.

‘No matter what type of surgery, you are always taking that chance,’ she told the cameras. ‘Like you never know if you are going to be able to open your eyes once you’re done, so I really really appreciate the information.’

Meanwhile, Dr. Dubrow was thrilled that Patricia — unlike some of their other patients — was really listening to what he was saying.

‘Do not let anybody stick any more fat into that butt,’ he warned her, and she agreed that she wouldn’t.

After accepting his diagnosis, Patricia jumped out of the consultation chair to teach the doctors some of the moves she does while DJ-ing


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