It can be pretty hard sometimes for people living with AS GENOTYPE WAHALA

It can be pretty hard sometimes for people living with AS. Many have complained of losing someone they love dearly over incompatibility of their genotype. Though it hurts letting go of people you love, it’s better than endangering the lives of children the relationship may beget in future. A lady on Twitter had cried out over losing a great guy because both of them have the sickle cell gene AS. She lamented how annoying it has become living with such genotype. According to the lady identified as nerdy_dami on Twitter, “This genotype ish has made me lose another good guy. Fu*k this s*it, being AS can be so annoying.

In planning a family or settling down with a partner, it is important that both parties are aware of their genotype, to find out if the one they possess is compatible.

As the name suggests, a person’s genotype refers to the types of genes he or she has for a particular inheritable trait. Genotypes determine which characteristics an individual will express.

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