OMG! Journalist, 36 Others Arrested And Detained After SARS Official Killed A Man In Osun

OMG! Journalist, 36 Others Arrested And Detained After SARS Official Killed A Man In Osun

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Some days ago, we reported that a SARS official shot down an innocent man during sallah celebration in Iwo, Osun state of Nigeria which resulted in the burning of the police station by the residents.

It was reported that the police reinforced from the capital city of Osun to stop the angry youths who were trying to burn the police office building, the police were kind of late before reaching the location as the whole building has been burnt down before their arrival.

According to confirmed sources, the action of the youths angered the police force and settled to be shooting tear gas explosives to scare away people and arrest everybody at sight including the onlookers and passersby.

A news reporter who was on a duty call was unlucky to be among those who were arrested among many people who were around the area. It was said that the police even entered houses around to arrest people who were just in their homes.

While the detained reporter was speaking to us before they were carried to Osogbo, the capital city of Osun, He said:

I was just going to the venue as a journalist and hid in a house where I was arrested. They arrested another people close to 4o in the street and their houses.
After a thorough investigation by us, it was learnt that this is the 8th day since their detention, and they are being denied visit by their family members, with little or no food being provided to them.

As at the time of press, the parents of the detained innocent citizens are planning to visit the palace of the traditional ruler of the Iwo kingdom, Oluwo Of Iwo to please look into the matter as he is the one that invited the SARS to the community in the first place.

They are pleading to well connected and concerned Nigerians to help plead in release of their respective wards.

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