Loving a beast – A poem against domestic violence



I’ve always been at home

My parents abode was restful enough

But I knew I’d move soon

Into somewhere better


I loved him so much

More than nature itself

How he strokes my hair

And massages

me to a forty winks


Finally I moved in with him

I never ken my sheep was gracing the slaughter

I didn’t know I was moving into hell

So I gracefully strolled atween the fire


He beats me bad, like a big barrel

He pulls my hair, no more gentle strokes

He slaps my tender face

He kicks me on the floor, like a jabulani


Leaving stains of blood on my face

And a stream of it on the floor

Everything hurts

And all I can do is weep


He said I drive him crazy

That I make him mad

But I know he’s climbing another bed

So he drinks before coming home, decoy


And in the morning he comes to me

Like a baby who spills a milk

He begs me for pardon

And puts his head on laps


I love him so much

So I can’t bear not to forgive him

And we’re good for another few days

But I know the blows will come again


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