Seven Wisdom Keys For Upcoming Businesses By:- Pastor David Adeoye Seven Wisdom Keys For Upcoming Businesses By:- Pastor David Adeoye

Seven Wisdom Keys For Upcoming Businesses By:- Pastor David Adeoye
Seven Wisdom Keys For Upcoming Businesses By:- Pastor David Adeoye

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Wisdom Key 6; Don’t Take Rejection Personal
Today’s most celebrated business ideas were rejected yesterday. Rejected stone enterprise of today can become Chief cornerstone enterprise of tomorrow.Oprah Winfrey was told at the early stage of her career that she is not good for T.V. 7up bottling company that is now accepted everywhere, faced rejection many years ago. There is hope for every rejected stone enterprise. If your business idea is facing rejection now, don’t give up but give more. Average people retire, when they face rejection, but successful people REFIRE.

Successful people refire, because they know the present picture is not the permanent picture. They see rejection as a major teacher in their business pursuit. They learn whatever they need to learn from their rejection and refire with greater energy. Let me give you three powerful steps for turning your rejection into promotion.

• Don’t Allow Thought Of Hopelessness Creep Into Your Heart. “But for him who is joined with the living there is hope, for a living dog is better than a dead lion” Ecc 9:4. There is no hopeless situation, what we have is hopeless people.

• Learn To Turn Your “Waste” To “Wealth”
In your season of rejection, look around you for the things we all call “waste.” Eighty per cent of what we call “waste” can be recycled to wealth, if we look at it through the eyes of wisdom. Some of what we call wasted time in our season of rejection is learning time. Some of the money we thought we lost is the price we paid for the wisdom we acquired.
Jesus told them to gather the fragment in order to avoid waste. (Jn.6: 12). Who would have thought that they could gather twelve baskets from what they considered “waste”

• Get Up And Go On
“Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; when I fall I will arise” Mic 7:8
Rejection is not final. It’s the pathway to acceptance. I pray that God will give you the wisdom to emerge as a market leader from your season of rejection.

Wisdom Key 7: Provoking Supernatural Backing
“Unless the lord build the house, they labour in vain who built it” Ps 127:1. You need God’s backing to succeed in the market place. Do everything necessary to get God on board in your business and career.

“For without Me you can do nothing” Jn 15:5b.
I believe there is a spiritual side to business deals in the market place. Sometimes, we confront challenges in Business that has spiritual background.“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers..” Eph 6:12

You need to arm yourself spiritually, in order to be able to confront those forces in the market place.” Eph 6:13. If you are a child of God, You need God’s covering, in order to conquer these forces. I know many people may not agree with me, especially because what we are talking about is not visible. This generation believes in invisible WiFi more than these unseen forces.

Some dying businesses may need a spiritual approach that will provoke supernatural intervention. If you want to succeed in your business, you need to be a person of prayer and arm yourself spiritually with the Word.

“The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much…and can have tremendous power.” James 5:17. Prayer is the connecting factor between the natural and the supernatural. Prayer brings God’s Power to manifestation. Prayer is also medium for provoking God’s intervention in any situation. Prayer gets God on board in every situation; hence He will fight for you and give you surpassing victory.
“Paul plants and Apollos water but God gives the increase.” 1Cor 3:6

You need the God of increase like never before in your business, especially in this time of recession. You need to learn how to release God’s power through His Word, because His word is quick and powerful. Heb 4: 12. When you speak the Word of God daily over your business, supernatural things will happen. God’s Word is an unbeatable moving Force that will always make a way where there seems to be no way. I pray for every upcoming business to gain speed and receive strength for increase.
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