How a family was reportedly locked up for nothing by a policeman in Lagos

How a family was reportedly locked up for nothing by a policeman in Lagos

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Feeling cheated, a woman narrates in pain the experiences of her loved ones in the hands of the police. She claims they were locked up without committing any offence

How a family was reportedly locked up for nothing by a policeman in LagosplayA petty fight between a policeman and his neighbours reportedly developed into a court case. The accused, a Pulse Eyewitness claims to have no knowledge of her crime.

 (All Africa)

A Pulse Eyewitness, Chiamaka has shared her experiences in the hands of a policeman, Mr. Alabi. The latter of Adof police station in Lagos, reportedly partnered with his colleagues at work to arrest his neighbours.

According to Chiamaka in an email forwarded to Pulse, a clash between her  loved ones and the officer soon progressed into a state of chaos.

How a family was reportedly locked up for nothing by a policeman in LagosplayA family have submitted a petition following a bad experience with a policeman and his colleagues.

 (Pulse Eyewitness)

 How it began

“My neighbor is a police officer who has always been bragging about his position as an officer and just few months ago he brought a lady into his house and we share the same entrance.

“The entrance is very small and most times when his girlfriend wants to come out or sees someone coming she will hit you with the her door net and will not apologize, at first I thought it was a mistake but it continued.

“July ending, I was inside my house and my kid sister was fetching water, then I heard some noise and when I stepped out to see what was going on I found out it was my sister and my neighbor’s girlfriend.

“They were both exchanging words, so I asked my sister to  get inside the house and keep quiet. Which my sister did and she(my neighbor’s girlfriend) was still insulting her, I warned my sister to ignore and she obeyed me.

Peace offering

“[9/5, 08:25] Aunty Chi: That very night, I begged my Dad to help me call my neighbors (MR ALABI) so I can talk to him concerning what happened between my sister and his girlfriend.

“My Dad went there and the girlfriend dismissed my Dad rudely but thank God her boyfriend came out to answer my Dad after one to two hours. Where he came, I begged him to hear me out that I actually asked my Dad to call him cause I noticed his girlfriend is troublesome and I don’t want to have any issues with her.

“I called my sister to explain everything to him and she did, then I begged him to caution his girlfriend so there won’t be any issues between she and my sister. He, Mr Alabi begged me, my Dad and sister and told us that we shouldn’t be angry, he also called his girlfriend to make peace but she refused and walked away.

“[9/5, 08:25] Aunty Chi: On the 31th of August 2018 which was a Friday, I was passing and she insulted me in Yoruba Language calling me a BARKING DOG, I cautioned her and told her not to call me that, she started raining insults on me, my Late Mom and my Dad, I warned her not to insult my Dad, now while all these insults were going on, we were far from each other, no close contact at all, her baby was inside the house and she even threatened to stab me with a DAGGAR honestly I was scared cos I detest weapons because of marks.

“[9/5, 08:26] Aunty Chi: My neighbors begged me and I went inside, my Dad also asked me to stay calm that it’s obvious this girl wants trouble since her boyfriend has been bragging that he will deal with anyone who dares him, calling himself the LAW.


A police issue presents an opportunity for chaos

“[9/5, 08:26] Aunty Chi: On 2nd of September 2018, on a Sunday, I woke up to a noise and m sister went outside to see what the problem is so I also went outside to see what the problem is, I saw Mr Alabi (Copra Alabi) coming towards my sister to beat her up, so I blocked her and asked him to calm down that what happened, he was shouting on top of his voice and my neighbors was also shouting at him too (cos when I went outside, I found out that my neighbor upstairs and him were actually the ones shouting. He was threatening my neighbor before my sister came outside.

“[9/5, 08:26] Aunty Chi: That morning my we didn’t fight, so he left we all went our separate ways, some people knocked on my door and when I opened the door I saw Mr Alabi, A Fair Lady and a Police Officer, I greeted them and they told me I’m wanted at their station, I asked for what and they said when I get they, I insisted they tell me my offence or why I’m needed there but they refused telling me, I wore my cloth and asked my sister to take of the house and make food for my Dad but Mr Alabi asked them to also arrest her, so I followed them. While going outside, Mr Alabi told them to arrest my Neighbor and her son.

“[9/5, 08:26] Aunty Chi: My neighbor went to church so they too myself and my sister, when we got there, the Police Officers at the station started raining insults on me and my sister, body shaming us, calling us names (most the languages are so so unprofessional) they insist we write statement and we did, we obeyed unknown to us they have an ulterior motives, after writing we asked to wait for the DPO, when came, we were summoned, the DOP asked the my neighbor what happened, gave him chance to explain, asked his girlfriend, gave her chance to explain, asked the daughter, gave her chance to explain but to my greatest surprise, we were lied against.

“[9/5, 08:26] Aunty Chi: My neighbor claimed we were threats to his life, his girlfriend said I fought her, my sister fought her and we said she will give birth to a premature, the girlfriend’s daughter lied that I fligged her and she hit her chest against the wall, I was in total shock cause non of these ever happened.

“The boyfriend also said my neighbor threatened to bring boys to beat him up and kill him and my neighbor’s son threatened to slap him, which were all lies.

How a family was reportedly locked up for nothing by a policeman in LagosplayA bank transaction receipt is one of the evidence provided by a Pulse Eyewitness following a misunderstanding with a neighbour identified as Mr. Alabi, who is also a policeman. The amount of N250,000 was allegedly paid to some lawyers to purchase bail for a family and its friends.

 (Pulse Eyewitness)

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No chance to defend oneself

“[9/5, 08:26] Aunty Chi: When it was my turn to speak, I was never given opportunity to tell my own side of the story, neither was my sister given a chance to. The DOP said if we (i and my sister) decide to be a PROSTITUTE that everyone can’t do same, that they should just go and lock us up.

“[9/5, 08:26] Aunty Chi: I and my sister were locked up for no reason. My neighbor came, she was asked to write her own statement and after writing was thrown behind the counter, her son came and asked why his mom was arrested, they also forced him to write a statement and put him behind the counter.

“I was able to call my in-law, he happens to be the CHAIRMAN PCRC FESTAC, so he sent my number to the CSO FESTAC POLICE STATION The CSO called and asked to speak with the DPO OF ADOF POLICE STATION (where we were held) after speaking with him and told them to release us and make peace, one of the officer’s came to the cell and asked who was CHIAMAKA  and I told her is me, she opened the cell, slapped me and said I will die in that cell, that I think I can make calls cos I feel I know people, I told her as a citizen I have the right to call anyone who can help me cos we are innocent.

“[9/5, 08:59] Aunty Chi: We were released finally after paying the sum of 12000 and other sums they collected from us.

“[9/5, 09:00] Aunty Chi: On my Monday, I called my friend in Abuja, she said i should write a petition against the station and everyone who was involved and submit it to the THE LAGOS STATE COMMAND, IKEJA.

“[9/5, 09:00] Aunty Chi: The DPO in ADOF POLICE STATION asked us to o come so we can make peace unknown to them they have another motive.

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Unapproved entry

“[9/5, 09:00] Aunty Chi: On Monday morning, I left for Ikeja to submit the petition, while I was there, I had already asked my sister and neighbor to go to ADOF POLICE STATION for the peace discussion, that I’ll meet them there when I’m done but they should just tell them I’m coming if they ask after me.

“[9/5, 09:00] Aunty Chi: Later my sister called to tell me that Mr Alabi and the IPO (Sergent Franca John) left the station to go and search my house that I’m hiding.

“[9/5, 09:00] Aunty Chi: They called my sister to follow them but later ask her to stay back.

“[9/5, 09:00] Aunty Chi: Funny as it may sound, Mr Alabi (who I had the issue with) followed the IPO, without their uniforms on, went to my house to search for me.

“[9/5, 09:01] Aunty Chi: Now, my Dad said, when they came, they had no search warrant, forced themselves (Mr Alabi and the IPO) into our house, went to our room, scattered our bedroom telling my Dad that I’m hiding under the bed.

“[9/5, 09:01] Aunty Chi: Now, Mr Alabi who reported us wasn’t even supposed to be part of the search and they had no search warrant, obviously they can drop something there. I have a video of how messy my house was left by them (Mr Alabi and IPO

“[9/5, 09:01] Aunty Chi: My sister and neighbor also said that while they were at the station, the officers there said that they will always support their own and we must be dealt with.

“[9/5, 09:02] Aunty Chi: Meanwhile, when all these were going on, they had thrown my sister and neighbor behind the counter for no reason, the sane people who asked us to come for Peace Meeting, they also seized their phones.

“[9/5, 09:03] Aunty Chi: I was on my way coming back to meet them at the station and my sister said that they are headed to the court, I asked her for what she said she doesn’t even know, I asked her to tell my neighbor not to resist and follow them quietly which they did.

“[9/5, 09:03] Aunty Chi: I was able to meet them in the court (Ojo Magistrate Court, Alaba International) and immediately I came the IPO ordered that my name be added to the list which they did.

“Now, my neighbor and sister said that when they got to the court, Mr Alabi (who arrested us) and the officer IPO Franca John had already arranged a Lawyer for us so my neighbor asked him (Mr Alabi)  that how can he arreste us and still wants to give us a Lawyer?

“That they don’t want his lawyer (meaning everything has already been planned out).

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Charged with assault

“[9/5, 09:04] Aunty Chi: My sister and neighbor picked a lawyer there because everything was so so so sudden and they were already in the dock when I got there so I joined them.

“[9/5, 09:04] Aunty Chi: Our case was mentioned and that was where I knew we were been charged for assault.

“[9/5, 09:04] Aunty Chi: Now before then, they dropped my neighbor’s son and changed their statement and they allowed it but on Sunday I paid for four people even his girlfriend’s daughter wrote a statement on that very Sunday we were there.

“[9/5, 09:04] Aunty Chi: At the station, Mr Alabi, His Girlfriend and Daughter were the Accused but in the court he became a witness.[9/5, 09:04] Aunty Chi: And the Magistrate asked him if he was there when the event took place and he said NO.

“[9/5, 09:04] Aunty Chi: The Magistrate asked his girlfriend and daughter what happened and after they had explained, we pleaded not guilty and we’re briefly or even barely listened to. We were given a sum bail of 50,000 each and that was it.

“[9/5, 09:05] Aunty Chi: When we went outside, they said we are going to Kirikiri or we should pay 100,000 each for our bail.

“[9/5, 09:05] Aunty Chi: I made a video of the lawyers telling us to make the payment and finally we were asked to pay 250,000 for express bail.

“[9/5, 09:06] Aunty Chi: And that was how we paid the 250,000[9/5, 09:06] Aunty Chi: To prove this, I have the screenshot of the transfer on my phone right now.

“[9/5, 09:06] Aunty Chi: This is the copy of the petition against the DPO, MR ALABI, HIS GIRLFRIEND, DAUGHTER AND EVERYONE INVOLVED.

“[9/5, 09:07] Aunty Chi: This is the complimentary card of the Lawyer Mr Alabi who arrested us gave us but my sister and neighbor  refused.

“[9/5, 09:07] Aunty Chi: This is the state I found my house/bedroom when I got home cos I personally told my Dad not to touch anything until I’m back and he did listened to me.

“[9/5, 09:07] Aunty Chi: That same yesterday, he told me in the compound that he told me he is the LAW and will deal with me, my sister, my Dad and my neighbor. He said so to my face.

“[9/5, 09:08] Aunty Chi: I’m also trying to send the video of the lawyers while they were asking for 300,000 but it’s too long so I’m not able to send it.

Sexual Harassment
Police officer is being accused of demanding sex for bail


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