Take your responsibilities by the horn

Taking responsibility for yourself, a feat that would allow you achieve set goals. It is absolutely essential you take responsibility for your life if you wish to attain any level of success. The average among us tend to complain and blame everyone and anything as the reason they are not where they want to be. But the successful, who may have had a tougher road, choose to fight back.
The fact remains that It doesn’t promise to be easy, but life itself isn’t easy after all. Hence never give up on those dreams that appear so big. Take full responsibility for the circumstances that arrive. And this include both the good and the bad, and perhaps even the ugly.
This above might sound quite tasking or perhaps non feasible, however that’s why I felt I needed  to highlight a few tips that would help in building us into someone who stays put to their responsibilities, no matter how humongous they might seem…
1. Be responsible: 
I’m crystal sure this would sound a bit off the hook, yeah. But the truth is that for you to be able to start up something, you need to see yourself being that exact thing. For instance, If you dream of becoming a lawyer, you need to start seeing yourself as a lawyer, consequently you’ll start talking people into certain things so much that they are easily swayed. All these petty attributes would be brought into your studying to become a vibrant lawyer.
So therefore, to be responsible, you need  to start becoming answerable for acts performed, not minding the consequences .
2. Have the belief: 
Personally, if there’s one word I hate. Then it’s pessimism. In whatever you’re getting into, you need an ample quantity of optimism. For you to become a leader in whatever capacity, people need to see the aura of responsibility around you. It is only then can you be entrusted with responsibilities. So, believing in yourself that you can take up those responsibilities means you’re halfway there.
3. Lead by example: 
A German proverb says, “When you walk your talk, people listen.” In other words, if you take responsibility for excellence, chances are that the people around you will also take responsibility and practice excellence. Simply put, your coworkers or subjects won’t take responsibility for excellence until they see you demanding excellence from yourself and everybody else.
Only then will they see that excellence is more than a hyped-up, flavor-of-the-month buzz word or training class. Rather, excellence is something that mature people, effective entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and parents take seriously.
4. Be committed to excellence:
Commitment is undoubtedly a powerful tool. The good thing about it is that it affects every other person around  you, Positively though. Provided they are of like mind and on the same page with you. It all begins with making a decision and saying, “This is what I’m going to do: I’m going to make it happen, no matter what!'” Just so you know, when you’re able to put this in place, success isn’t farfetched.
Lack of responsibility will do you no good at all, it will only enable succeed in shying away from your desired goal without knowing it.
5. Recompense responsibility: 
When people take responsibility for excellence, they typically do it for a reason. Maybe the work makes them feel good, helps them master a skill, or move ahead in their career. But there’s always a reason. In this case, if you’re working to achieve a set goal or goals with a group of persons, it is imperative to dish out confidence sharpening words that would go a long way in boosting their morale. Don’t hoard such words all in the guise of being shrewd.
One of the main reasons people take responsibility is because they want to receive praise. So give it to them. Praise excellent performance. You might be amazed at the difference it can make in someone’s life or career. By doing that above, you’re being responsible for bringing out the very best in them.
Give a hand, so you can get a hand…
Ideally, I know that there are more than a dozen of Inspiring ways to achieve self/group goals through being responsible, But for the purpose of this discourse, I’ll leave it at these ones and allow us ruminate on it as much as we can.
Always remember that there’s nothing fearsome about being responsible. It all starts from the littlest of things that we do, like buying a pen for a school kid who is about to resume, gathering pupils together to teach them a few things after school and so on. This little things go a long way in showing to the world of responsible we are, and these things will not be forgotten in a long time.
We refer with great tinge to the likes of Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Woke Soyinka  and others whose names are printed in our hearts. It’s solely because they stood up to certain responsibilities which had lasting positive effects on our society.
We too can be like them, we all have one heads. The only thing is having a good heart and learning the right ways to go about it.
Conclusively, We all know that the world might have gone haywire, but it still needs more good heads who can stand up to their responsibilities as against shying away from it. We are the good heads who can effect the change needed in our world.

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