The Ambassadors of Africa, I support quality education orphanage outreach

A cross-section of the AOA team with the kids



The Ambassadors of Africa, Nigeria team took their social impact campaign to yet another feat as they opted to carry out an orphanage outreach in the city of Akure, Ondo state few days back.


The project team and volunteers led by the founder of the social impact-driven organization, Prince Louis Adekola was in good agog and all looked astir as they visited the Hope orphanage house at Shagari village in the state capital.


However, The laudable charity movement had so much beauty and colour unarguably added to it by the team members who were clad in customized tees indicating the essence of the society impacting assignment. The project which was in partnership with Vicom farms was undoubtedly a beauty to behold.


In the meantime, the kids at the orphanage were the centre of the whole outreach. They got treated to some fun things amidst gifts of food items and educational materials brought for them by the AOA team. The latter being essential as they prepare to resume for another academic session. The orgasmic vibes could not be contained as everyone looked ecstatic all through.


The interest of everyone on the team could only have been piqued solely because of the unison and collective goal of the group which is geared towards giving back to the society, impacting it positively, Making Africa finely placed on the map and by extension making the world a better place to live for everyone.


In truth this might not be a fancied venture for so many people, but this young Africans have resorted to brave the storm to do something that would remain on the template of so many hearts like a written piece for a long time to come. And it is believed that this is just a tip of what this amazing young Africans have in stock for their various countries. Below are more pictures from the top drawer outreach for you to savour… 



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