What are these people? – Poetry


We jostling with these placards once again
No! We’re simply waving them
In them we are trusting again
And when it’s time,
We vote yes!
To this complete farce
But I wonder how difficult it is,
To represent our interests
From those raised places
My democratic thinking is brushed aside
Then I think everybody is just crazy
There would be another election
But we simply can’t oust this jesters
These ones who hide our monies,
Letting them spoil under the mound
Yet their subjects feed from hand to mouth
What are these people?
All they do is fly
So they know not,
The troubles we face as we ride,
On these not so pretty roads
Oh! Me! I believe in our country
But not our leaders
For these ones are a pack of plunderers.


P. S: This poetry work is scribbled in a bid to ensure that we take back what belongs to us as a nation. This old hags have proved overtime that they do not have the interest of the masses at heart. They should be retired by force. God bless our country!!!

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