God bless Nigeria


H A P P Y   I N D E P E N D E N C E N I G E R I A

Inspite of all the ills, here is still our country. May God heal this land once and for all. God bless Nigeria!

We could have tried calling it something else
It could have been better that way
Now, this place is far off a belter
No one can claim to feel the nexus,
That we share with our own country
But it’s yet that time again
Where everywhere is littered,
With the greens and whites
But it’s a pity all the same
We celebrate yet another birthday with contraction
That we barely feel the onomatopoeia
The mimesis of the word independence
And I’m left bemused,
The claims that maybe we got it too early
But now I despise the figures, 1960
Farther it should have been
It would have given us some wellness
We would have had grown ups
Who won’t flatter to deceive
And snithe the national cake how they deem fit
Just only if it had been,
Maybe we wouldn’t have had all these philistines.

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