Behavioral Health Education from School of Articulation and Behavioral Alignment Resources (SABA Resources)

Behavioral Health Education from School of Articulation and Behavioral Alignment Resources (SABA Resources)

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​Mental Health Efficiency for Manpower Development….As we mark the World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2018..

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A contribution from James Komolafe, Behavioral Health Education from School of Articulation and Behavioral Alignment Resources (SABA Resources)

The mental health and protocols constitute a most fundamental issue in the health variable of individuals, families and the organizations as we develop the manpower. What or how an individual thinks or feels and the pattern of behaviour exhibited post the mental health as it also dictates the conditions around both interpersonal relationships and occupational disposition. One’s ability to cope with life’s challenges, manifest happy emotions, think right and flow with the society where values are created becomes a critical concern of the mental health.

Seven Messages of the Mental Health

1, Capacity to sustain one’s feeling irrespective of stressors

2.One’s ability to realize and release potentials.

3.The powering of a thought to manifest an emotion towards a certain end.

4.Communication and societal contribution

5.Self expression without without deviation

6.The harmony achieved between one’s mind, volition & emotion

  1. Conscious control with coping mechanism
    Seven Major motions of the mental health.

  2. Thoughts






Seven Mastery of the mental health

1.Rest your mind adequately

  1. Grow & activate it regularly through studying, learning & leanings etc

  2. Avoid mental & emotional overdraft

4.Avoid the triggers & do the needful

  1. Observe the symptoms & heed the warnings.

  2. Don’t overshoot your productive capacities

  3. Keep a daily protocol through a- to- do-list.
    Seven Mistakes people make in mental health

  4. Mental overcrowding leading to emotional “log jams”

  5. Absence of personal rituals to stabilize emotion & rubber stamp decisions

3.Undue accumulation of sleepless nights or sleeping less than 7-8 hours daily

  1. Accumulation of emotional poison. e. g. Hate, worry, bad temper, negative thoughts

5.Keeping of toxic relationships

6.Emotional & mental lopsidedness

  1. Undue restlessness / unguarded Workaholism
    Seven major myths of the mental health

  2. It is all about people with mental challenge

  3. It is only slated for when one’s has an issue

  4. It is a stigma going to psychotherapist or psychiatrist

  5. “People-will- label- me syndrome”

  6. Why study about mental health when I am not mad

  7. My mind is correct. I am okay denials

  8. I can handle it… Medical check up is great, behavioral check up is odd!
    Seven Management of the mental health in dealing with stress & coping with pressure

1.Presence:Organizing your mind, will and emotion in harmony

2.Pilot: Making your mind the central figure & engine room of control

  1. Pivot: Creating certain circumstances and circumference of touch points

4.Pitches: Sieving & prioritizing your touches & tickles

  1. Plan : Keeping to regulations & the regulars you can contain

6.Performance: Carrying out certain activities within your learning & productive curves

  1. Programme: Definite rituals that has become a part of you, engaging your competence & warehousing your experience
    Seven Marshal art from the SABA Resources for you.

  2. Carry out quarterly behavioral check up.

2.Don’t over task yourself

  1. Maintain decorum

  2. Be deliberate

  3. Avoid all forms of overdraft

  4. Understand your rest protocols

  5. Take care of your red alerts on your emotional dashboard.
    GOOD NEWS: SABA Resources offers free Behavioral Check Up for all the participants at the 2nd PEEF Conference on 18th October, 2018. 15-20 minutes for group check ups

Happy mental health lifestyle. In mental health and the behavioral life, don’t just make it a date, rather make it a lifestyle.:D” parallax=”off” direction=”left” revealfx=”off”]

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