Deal with it



I try so hard

To ensure we get a better life

But just like the weekend formation

You loathed my plans

So you kick at me,

At every given chance


You can bad mouth me behind doors

Your gossip mates can form a queue

If it makes you feel better at dusk

But don’t try to feign anything

Don’t even try to make me feel guilty,

I did nothing to quench your ugly urge


No apologies;

I don’t need one, you don’t want any either

It’s useless if we’ll take it back

Or how do we both steer a single wheel?

Let’s avoid a sheer crash

Now that we can still gather our pieces


It’s too late to know I’m me

I’m afraid I won’t change for you

You can’t call my hustle dirty,

And still request for my credit card every other day

As legal as it is, I’ll keep loving it

Because my job is who I am



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