He is evil – A poem

Image: @fueledbypixels


They’ve had the quietude in a long span
The tranquility is wontedly assured
Just kids running from pillar to posts unshod
Clad in their panties,
And the sophisticated ones don neat clothings
Accompanied with a pair of slides
They call them the “get-inside” kids
But that was the beauty of the neighborhood
And when it’s twilight,
They disengage and wave at one another


The days flew by
And everyone kept bonding like family
Until he moved into the hood
He said they could call him “Dean”
And when he drives out,
In his crimson “evil spirit” whip
He honks and winks at every little girl on his way
Like the vulture stares at it’s dying prey
Dean looks to turn a blind eye
Yet he sees beneath their apparels
So like a chick becomes hapless when the rain comes
The little girls are suddenly dancing his tune
His good looks sweeping them off their feet
And his style making them drool
To add his well tinted automobile to the equation
These young girls are fastening his car belts,
Even before they know it
And some others are warming his bed
As it pours outside


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