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Daddy Freeze Challenges Pastor E.A. Adeboye To Another Debate Over Offerings And Tithe

Daddy Freeze, who is known for being a staunch critic of payment of tithe and offerings in the Church. He shared a photo via his Instagram account, of a banner of RCCG that said:

” Don’t be a robber!
Pay your tithe”

He captioned the photo:

“And they say pastors don’t hold guns to member’s head, please can someone explain what is RCCG doing in this picture?

Tithe is a false doctrine for Christianity, I have proven this scripturally several times! Christ never collected tithes, neither did his disciples!

I have challenged Enoch, to a debate on several times to no avail. If he doesn’t want a debate, we can sit over a beer and discuss these scriptures and I can offer to teach him the real truth about Christ for free!”

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