Nigeria my Nigeria – The sorry state of our dear country


So I got lost brooding about the situation of things in the country at the moment and subsequent to a wild reflection, I came to the premise that there’s no gainsaying that the country right now is in a state of comatose, that state where it appears like nothing works anymore.
However, as if that isn’t bad enough, youths across the country have resorted to killing, kidnappings and maiming one another all in the guise of hardship and the crave to make quick cash. The renowned instabog9ja doesn’t get to feed is with good news’ these days, a higher percentage of their publications tend to gear towards social vices and horrible incidents across the country. What a shame!
It would be an understatement to say that things do not look pretty much in shape at the moment, prior to this time, the ordeal for an average Nigerian is that the government has failed us, hence we strive so hard to make a living out of the meagre resources at our disposal. But to add ritual killings cum yahoo internet scam, kidnappings, rape incidents, and so on to the already ailing state of the country is the worst that could happen. 
Well, since things are going haywire and our leaders and rulers in high places are solely focused on what they stand to gain and how to slithe the national cake, It’s best we as citizens take caution and secure ourselves by ourselves. The inference is that no one cares about you, you’ve got no security. Therefore secure yourself and if possible by extension, your loved ones.
I know of these frustration we find oursleves. We are all trying to weather this storm. However, there’s a BUT, We shouldn’t afford each other the luxury of leveraging on the pitiable situation we find ourselves by giving the devil a handshake all in the name of getting the dough. Trust me, It’s the most unreasonable thing to do. There are still a decent number of youths out there who are graduates, But after job hunting for several months in futility, they opt to learn a vocation while some others put ideas together to sharpen their skills, thereby making some cash out of it, thence becoming responsible. Bottomline, whether we like it or not, whether things get better or not, we’ve literally got no excuse whatsoever to indulge in vices. After all some others are making it legally. So think straight and let’s put a stop to these menace once and for all.
Here is our home, no one will build it for us. So all we need do is lay the brick one after the other. Plus we still get some treats every once in awhile, isn’t it? If rats and snakes are not swallowing our funds, our president will be swapped for some Jubril in Sudan, and when you think you’ve just about heard enough, you’ll hear of gunmen stripping ladies and requesting for their undies. Our country is just filled with stew everywhere, I’m sure you dig that right? Having said all of these, we’re still here and we will make this place a better place.
It’s difficult, I know that too. The chasm that exists between the poor masses and the big guns is quite alarming, so we don’t ever think our faint voices can be heard. Mere anarchy beseems to be let loose and things are going pear shaped so fast. Our politics and those practicing it don’t even understand what it’s all about. The currency we used to hold dear doesn’t command such value anymore, practically every other currency rides on it and our Naira can no longer sneeze beside the GH cedis. Oh gees! , I’m done!!
Pictorial effort: @photonigeria
Illustration: @adegunloyekayode


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  1. I find it difficult to believe this Buhari-Jubril cloning issue because while every human being has a look-alike,
    how do you explain the fact that the voice is still the

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