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At we offer different forms of advert (ads) on our website blog which include:-


We help to promote and publish interesting and most view and read articles about your product and service which can drive customers attention to your product, brand, goods and service ju st as we do on our daily post.


At we are open for business to all subscribers and also user friendly whereby individuals can become a subscriber through registrations whereby dropping details, email and phone number.

which has given us reasonable amount of subscriber over the years and also enable us to send your ads to millions of Emails and Phone Number all around the world.


We offer all standard Web Ads ranging from :-

  1. 300 X 250 (medium rectangle font)
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  3. 300 X 300 (Large rectangle font)


It is a link format that shows on your website page Either at the Top, middle or bottom page of any post on the website-blog


We the board and members of thank you for your ongoing Support and encouragement to our site because without you there will be no

The Platform is getting stronger and more populer each day that passes reaching out to many people all over the world and also touching many lives positively, due to your on relented effort and support which has made the Blog the most trusted source of news with first hand information about the happening around our immediate surrounding

and also it is the most easy and fast medium of passing information news and tips around the world.

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