How to know you have outgrown your partner – and the relationship

How to know you have outgrown your partner – and the relationship

 When you get to a phase where you and your boo no longer have anything in common, or agree over anything, one of you may just have outgrown the other.

If you do not know what it means to outgrow your partner or the relationship you have with them, let’s tell you: it is that phase you get to where things no longer make sense with your partner.

A disconnect appears and refuses to close up regardless of the attempts to communicate and make things work.Here are the biggest signs you’ll see when you outgrow your partner.

1.   You feel ashamed of your partner

If your partner’s former endearing acts now make you feel embarrassed, it is a sign that you now know better and have moved on to a different mental space but they are yet to catch up.

When you outgrow someone, the things you used to consider edgy, funny, and cute will no longer feel so. Such acts might even embarrass you.

2.         Couple activities no longer bond you both

Outgrowing the hobbies you and your partner once enjoyed together could be a sign you’re outgrowing the whole relationship.

3.   Values no longer match

Things that used to matter to you both no longer do it for you. Change is the only constant thing and it’s fine to grow and sometimes you may not be able to grow together.

4.   The idea of being with someone else feels really appealing

You also know you have outgrown your partner when you find yourself constantly choosing to daydream about a life with someone else.

5.   Lesser things to talk about

Communication would suffer as you would no longer understand each other, or one person might become really judgmental of the other person’s choices. The list of things you agree on would be really reduced and you find yourself wondering many times what the point of communication is. Source: Pulse Nigeria

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