2019: Why Nigerian youths must vote and not fight

2019: Why Nigerian youths must vote and not fight

The 2019 general elections is almost upon us, the political sphere is already taking shape. The question on the lips of many is can Nigeria have a credible, free and fair election, one which is devoid of violence. A credible, free and fair elections come 2019 is possible. We have seen our sister African nations conduct credible elections in recent years, so what is stopping us from having such.

While we all desire to see a credible, violent free election in 2019, we don’t really have the power to predict the future as we are not God. The youths will once again be a major determinant in deciding whether the elections will be peaceful or not.

Over the years, the youths have been a willing tool in the hands of some unscrupulous politicians to foment trouble just to have things go their way. To risk your life in exchange for just a token is not worth it at all.

It is our hope that the youths are beginning to know this, anyone, politician or not that will push you to risk your life for the advancement of his or her ambition certainly doesn’t rate you and possibly does not deserve your votes. Time has come for the youths to tell all who care to listen that they can no longer be bought with earthly treasures and speak with one voice against thuggery and election violence.

 The youth population make up a large chunk of the electorate and therefore wield so much influence in deciding who rules us come 2019. It is therefore important for youths to participate actively in the political and electoral process. The youths are the leaders of today, and must therefore seek to exercise their right to elect leaders with sound policies that will give them a good chance for better alive. This must be done peacefully and in accordance to the law of the land.

We have had in the past elections characterized by violence and most of the time the victims are youths. Violence and bloodshed is in nobody’s best interest, we should therefore shun violence and embrace a peaceful process of electing our leaders for a better Nigeria.

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