VP Osinbajo’s comment on 2023 insensitive ­– Ben Obi

VP Osinbajo’s comment on 2023 insensitive ­– Ben Obi

A member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Council and Director of the Campaign’s CUPP/Inter-party Directorate, Senator Ben Obi, said yesterday that the statement by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on 2023 elections was insensitive and height of mischief.

Speaking recently, Osinbajo said President Muhammadu Buhari would hand over the presidency to the South West after completing his two terms in office.

But in a statement in Abuja, Obi berated Osinbajo for asserting that the presidency would revert to the South West after Buhari in 2023.

“Apart from the fact that the PDP will win the 2019 presidential election in which case Osinbajo’s reckless and morally outrageous scenario will never come to pass, the mere thought of making that insensitive declaration after Obasanjo’s 8-year presidential tenure and Osinbajo’s 4-year vice presidency, in the context in which power is yet to rotate to the South East, is the height of political intolerance and mischief-making,” he said.

Obi said Osinbajo should learn the historical circumstances that threw up the Obasanjo Vs Falae presidential contest in 1999 and why the Late Dr. Alex Ekwueme sacrificed so much to ensure that Obasanjo won that election.

The senator charged Osinbajo to retrieve his “lost moral compass” with regard to this issue, and “also with regard to his tradermoni vote-buying antics which, as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, a professor, and a pastor, he knows to be an unethical, corrupt and reprehensible electoral manoeuvre.”

The PDP chieftain said the opposition party would be working closely with local communities and their grassroots-based organizations for a full buy-in into its vision of getting Nigeria to work again, the first step of which would entail taking the country back and re-directing it on the path of peace, security, and prosperity.

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