‘Many Nigerian Celebrities Are Gay, They Are Hiding”- US Based Activist Says He’s Gay

‘Many Nigerian Celebrities Are Gay, They Are Hiding”- US Based Activist Says He’s Gay

Edafe Okporo (Nigerian U.S. based activist) who was in the news last week after he called out actor Williams Uchemba on Friday Morning (December 28, 2018) on his Instagram page, came out to announce he is gay and happy about his sexual orientation.

Read what he wrote below;

I am proud of what I am, so many of your so call Nigerian Celebrities are also gay and they are hiding it.
Gay men, Lesbian women, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people live in Nigeria, they take the same buses with you, go to churches and mosque with you, eat the same food you eat and share clippers with you.
If they are worst than human then you should not allow men to make your hair, in the saloon you go to some of them are gays.
There is a gross misunderstanding of what a gay person his or look like, here I am. Use me as a representation, I am not an illiterate, I am not a pagan, I am not a vegan neither am I a beggar. I am not a ritualist, Drug dealer or prostitute. I am a human being born and raised around family members who have kids.
I grew up in Warri Nigeria, where Masculinity is a norm, so many men who claim to be strong and masculine with big voices are also gay, it is not dictated by looks, cross dressing is not being gay, acting feminine does not make you gay.
What makes you gay is having affectionate feelings towards same sex.
I will take time and effort to complete this project I am starting.
Use #edafeisgay to educate people on what is like to be gay in Nigeria and around the world.

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