Youth unemployment in Nigeria

Youth unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment has been a major problem facing the youth population in Nigeria for awhile now. Nigeria is regarded as the most populous black nation; there has been a steady increase in population over the years. According to statistics, the youths – between the ages of 15 to 34 make up about half of the total population.

The population continues to soar each year with no corresponding increase in the number of industries to absorb them and that is how we find ourselves where we are today.

Sadly, increase in unemployment rate has resulted in a corresponding increase in insurgency, militancy, kidnapping, armed banditry, prostitution and several other vices across the country as nature abhors vacuum.

There are several plausible reasons for the prevalence of youth unemployment in Nigeria. There is a high growth rate which follows an already high population. This means there is a huge population pressure on the available resources which also mean that we don’t have enough to spend on infrastructure, security, health, education and other sectors.

With infrastructural deficit, there is definitely bound to shortage of vibrant industries, which leaves huge number of people jostling for the few available jobs.

There is also the issue of deficient school curricula. A cross section of Nigeria youths have been tagged unemployable, whether this is true or not is still up for debate but one thing is sure, the school curricula as it is presently structured does address today’s industry needs. It therefore needs to be reviewed and tailored in such a way as to serve present needs. Relevant skills should also be incorporated to make our graduates not only employable but also able to create jobs.

Nigerian youths are not lazy neither lacking in talent, they only seek opportunities to put their skills and talent to work either in form of paid jobs or some form of entrepreneurship. We have seen Nigerian youths excel even in adversity. They only need the relevant authorities to give them a platform to flourish and that will very well be in the interest of the country as doing otherwise could prove very costly.

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