He Kneels To Propose To His Girlfriend, But Her Other Lover Came Out In Boxers

Young man goes with a few people to give his beautiful girlfriend a surprise marriage proposal.

He gets there, knocks, the pretty lady steps out looking shocked, the man kneels down, brings out the ring he bought for the surprise proposal.

Then the climax, another man in only underwear (after they had hot sex) comes out from the girl’s house to see what’s happening, he holds the girl while watching the event as it unfolds….. 

This trending video from a movie scene featuring actress Lota Chukwu has got Nigerians talking online. 

Whether it’s acting or real, Nigerians believe they can relate to it. 

Some ladies double date, because they are not sure if one will actually marry them, so they don’t put their eggs in one basket.

This lady tried it and it backfired!!!!!

Guys if you were in the guy’s shoes, what would you do after catching the lady you wanna give surprise marriage proposal to with another man she just had sex with?

Ladies, what would you do if you were caught up in this kind of situation?

Watch the heartbreaking video here see reactions.. . .

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