Rapper T.I’s teenage daughter slammed man who questioned why she wore makeup

T.I’s teenage daughter, Deyjah Harris has slammed a man who questioned why a 17-year old girl like her is wearing makeup. The online troll took to her page in reaction to a picture she posted which shows her looking flawless on makeup.

Deyjah Harris slammed man who questioned why she wore makeup

Reacting to the picture, the man called for a law which will restrict teenagers from wearing makeup in order to prevent men from going to jail.

“Females like this is why n***as go to jail. We gotta make a law where chicks can’t use make up til they 18 I’m tired of this s**t”, he tweeted.

Reacting to the man’s tweet, Deyjah Harris slammed him by stating that makeup is not the reason why men go to jail.

“@b_zooee ……. n***as go to jail because they’re pigs and aren’t right in the head, not because someone is wearing makeup. you think i’m not supposed to wear makeup because of n***as and their perverted mind? Man eff y’all!!!!! i don’t live for y’all nor do i wear makeup for y’all. this comment is quite imbecile and shows a lot about you and your way of thinking. we gotta make a law where irrelevant a** men just leave women alone, mind their business and more importantly, stay in their place. have a blessed and highly favored day.”

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