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How to remove odor from clothes without washing

How to remove odor from clothes without washing

Honestly, there are times we are just too lazy to do laundry. Or sometimes you lack time to clean your favorite dress and yet you are supposed to go out in it.

Other times, there is water shortage and you can’t afford to do the laundry with little you got. It is at such moments that you appreciate some simple hacks that most would only regard as being lazy.

Imagine missing a night out just because your best dress smells of sweat. It sucks, right? Now now, don’t miss an important event just because of such a small mishap. Unless your outfit is visibly dirty, you can freshen it without having to wash.

These simple hacks are great for removing odor from clothes without washing them:

1. Air them

Airing laundry(savoringservant)

Easy peasy. Take the outfit you are planning to recycle and hang it outside for fresh air. Within some minutes, your outfit will be fresh enough to be worn confidently. You can turn sides after a few minutes to ensure all the odor is gone.

2. Baking soda

There are lots of household problems you can address with baking soda. If you can’t clean your clothes, sprinkle them with baking soda, put them in a container and cover it. After around 20 minutes, the smell will be gone.

3. Lemon juice



Lemon has a nice, strong smell that will help neutralize the bad smell on your clothes. The bad smell usually results from bacteria and lemon is also great at killing bacteria. Mix lemon juice with water in a spray bottle and spray on your clothes. Vinegar also does the trick.

4. Vodka

Cleaning colored clothes(A Mess Free Life)

If you still got some left, it will save you big time. You don’t even need to dilute. Just sprinkle it on the outfit you want to smell nice and air it to dry. Once it’s dry, not even the smell of vodka will be left. It will be as fresh as a clean one.

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