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I will do anything for Medikal, he’ll never disappoint me – Fella Makafui

I will do anything for Medikal, he’ll never disappoint me – Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui has revealed that she is ready to do anything for Medikal, her boyfriend and that there is nothing in this world that can ruin her relationship with the rapper.

According to the actress, she believes the rapper will never disappoint her and she is also willing to give all her best in the relationship.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on HitzFM, she said she believes that her rapper boyfriend will also return that favor and therefore has no problem doing anything for him.

“For now I don’t know, I will do anything for him. Because he’ll do anything for me too” she said.

The former YOLO actress said she is not the type to jump from one man to another just because they cheat.

When asked what she will do if she finds him cheating she said

“He will never (cheat), because I don’t see him like that”

“Cheating would not be the reason [why] I break up with him. If I leave because he cheated that means I am going to keep changing men if they cheat on me. No,”

This is however coming a few weeks after she and the rapper were rumoured to be going through a breakup after Medikal shared a photo of another lady on one of his social media handles.

I will do anything for Medikal because he will never disappoint me – Ghanaian actress Fela Makafui speaks about her musician boyfriend.

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