Food For Thought: 5 Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Food For Thought: 5 Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Creating weight loss plans that fit your budget, cravings, and schedule is hard enough but no one should have to sacrifice taste for weight loss. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas, these are the low-calorie foods you can add to diet to satisfy your palate.


Craving something sweet? Add some berries to your weight loss diet plan as they’re low in calorie count and high in the section of antioxidants and fiber. Whether you add blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or any other berry to your smoothie, yogurt, or breakfast cereal – you’re on the right track. Ditch the sugary snacks and satisfy your cravings with this healthier alternative.Berries



Calling all spicy food lovers! Chilies are indeed the hidden gem of the weight loss world so to answer your question – how do you burn fat? Add chilies to your diet to help boost your metabolism and you’ll burn fat faster. Moreover, it’s really that easy.Chilli


Cranberry Juice:

Don’t reach for water or coffee first thing in the morning, instead opt for a glass of cranberry juice. The bitter red drink is loaded with vitamin C and even has high diuretic properties, which as a result encourages your body to flush out any excess fluids when you hit the can.Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

Dark Chocolate:

As the ultimate choc-a-holic, I’m obsessed with this tidbit. A couple bites of dark chocolate slows the digestive process meaning your body feels full for longer. Furthermore, dark chocolate has less added sugar and contains healthy fats to boost your metabolism. Win-win!Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate


This juicy summer fruit can help to restore an upset or bloated stomach as they’re filled with laxative and diuretic properties, due to their alkaline nature. Most of all, whatever your weight loss plans are, make sure peaches are on the list.Peaches

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