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CLICK9JA.COM is the first social media network designed to identify Africa problems most especially Nigerians and also proffer Solutions to the wrong doing through online campaigns to do the right thing (OCART), to create a public awareness processes and  also reaching out people whom right to better living lost, people whose hope for better Nigeria and Africa At large has been lost due to mans greed.

in Other to creating a medium for positive change in African. CLICK9JA.COM is a platform the sees hope for better Nigeria and Africa.

CLICK9JA.COM is created out of the passion to see Africa unite against corruption, intimidation  and poverty. Africa is endowed with human, capital and mineral resources, and if well harnessed will situate Africa as the hope of the rest of the world.

CIiCK9JA.COM is among the Africa leading  entertainment and informative web blog, which is mostly visited by Africans most especially nigerians internet users.

CIiCK9JA.COM gives detailed information about the latest happening both in in the entertainment industries and in our society at large,  to our viewers and many more internet users. We are very much reliable, in our news which are 100% accurate, in our capacity we try as much as posible to bring out the best and much watch nigeria musics, videos, comedies, and so many more…

Aside Entertainment, news and many more Click9ja.com also give people the opportunity reach out to people throw online chart which will be publish for free and also the opportunity to tell your story and the happening around you to be shared on our platform, you dont know whoes life you might be changing trow your story 

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